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Daryl Lord and Ausfork Pty Ltd have been very pro-active ever since commencing ‘High Risk Work’ licence training & assessment services on 1st July 1996. This was 12 months after the introduction of the national licensing system then called ‘Certificate of Competence’.


Daryl was always looking to provide better ways to learn, better training aids and also professional development for himself and all the trainers who worked for Ausfork.


Daryl Lord the managing director of Ausfork was president of the 

‘National Registered Assessors Association’ when they were 

contracted to provide 60 forklift safety seminars over a 5 year period (2002-2007) throughout metro and regional Victoria. 

Daryl was the organiser, co-ordinator, event host, topic presenter and part of the expert panel which included Worksafe field 



Daryl had the opportunity to speak with over 5000 people from companies who attended the forklift safety seminars to find out what Worksafe expected in the workplace.  Daryl discovered what was being done across a broad cross section of businesses in numerous sectors, locations, scale, management style and attitude.



Through the years Daryl has found some common problems in a large number of companies. One of the most common problems Daryl has found is when companies have health and safety policies that are not understood by most of their staff.  


Some companies have copied their policies from somewhere or had them supplied by a consulting company and don’t actually believe or own them.


These companies are happy to talk about doing the right thing but don’t actually put any plans into action. Some companies say that safety is their No.1 priority but it isn’t really.


Some companies don’t understand that casual employees are still employees, requiring the same information, training and induction as full time staff.


In trying to improve the training outcomes for a large and growing client base, Daryl also found some pain points that made training harder to put in place or had a negative impact on the training results.






Daryl Lord

Managing Director