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To illustrate how Ausfork training have designed Act-Online to provide solutions to the pain points mentioned, we have provided 4 theoretical case studies. These show that Act-Online not only addresses the pain points but also is suitable for a wide range of business types and also from micro businesses through to the very largest single or multi-site organisations.



Large Franchise Operation (Case study #1)


Pain points and challenges:


  1. Never a ‘good time’ to do training.

  2. Small numbers of trainees at multiple sites.

  3. No ability to do group training without impacting operations severely.

  4. Substantial effort, planning and co-operation required to do regional hub training.

  5. Extreme expense to bring staff to head office to do training.

  6. Franchise wants consistency in its training content and training outcomes.


How does Act-Online provide a solution to these pain points?

  1. One person at a time – when it suits worker and workgroup.

  2. Fee is per person not based on external trainer time or travel and accommodation costs.

  3. Operations continue without adverse impacts as training is being done one person at a time.

  4. Hub training not required if done online.

  5. Head office training not required.

  6. Consistency is automatic outcome as all staff are doing same online training and being assessed using the same assessment checklist tool.






National Warehouse and Distribution Company (Case study #2)

With operations in all states and territories 


Pain points and challenges:


  1. Each site has operated independently and different site procedures, cultures and operator habits exist.

  2. Operational differences and staffing limitations mean some sites are struggling with workloads and others are cruising.

  3. Each site is different for a range of reasons:

  • Age and size of site

  • Layout and type of racking

  • Type of MHE

  • Number and pieces of MHE

  • Number of staff

  • Number of operating shifts

  • If casual staff are involved



How does Act-Online provide a solution to these pain points?


  1. By studying the same online training content and using the same practical assessment tools the staff at all sites are getting much more consistent training. The other significant advantage of Act-Online is that the companies own MHE policies and procedures are also converted into modules of training for every operator at all sites to complete.

  2. Flexibility of delivery date and time is a key advantage of on-line training. The system allows for training to stop part way through and recommence later at the same spot. Management with access can log on at any time and get a real time report of where people have progressed to. One person at a time for theory and practical means it is always possible to complete training.

  3. Act-Online training modules are available for most types of MHE being used in Australia. If it's not covered yet we would plan to have it available very soon.Because practical's are done on your own site using your own equipment it allows for the variations from site to site.






Large Single Site - National Manufacturer (Case study #3)


Pain points and challenges:


  1. Training will not go ahead if it impacts on production.

  2. Hard to predict staff availability for group training when booked in advance.

  3. Production workers often have issues with language, literacy and numeracy.

  4. Sometimes communications between management on different shifts or between different departments is not clear or effective and the organisation of group training with staff from different shifts or departments is difficult or poorly executed.


How does Act-Online provide a solution to these pain points?


  1. Act-Online is flexible it can be completed anywhere, anytime with internet access. It is possible to be paused part way through without loss of training and assessments already completed. It can be rescheduled or postponed without any cancellation costs or admin fees.

  2. Act-Online is ready to go when you are, so there is no need for bookings in advance.

  3. All of the training is in English however the training can be reviewed as often as required at no additional cost.

  4. Each shift or department can manage their own training as the online delivery and assessment means they can train one person at a time if required. The practical can also be assessed by their own designated supervisor/assessor at a convenient time.









Small Single Site - 1 or 2 pieces of MHE equipment (Case study #4)



Pain points and challenges

  1. Can’t afford cost of group training with small number of workers.

  2. Don’t have people or resources to do training in house.

  3. Not real sure what training they should be doing.



How does Act-Online provide a solution to these pain points?


  1.  Act-Online is priced at a fixed rate that works very well for companies large and small. It is a very cost effective way to maintain compliance.

  2. Act-Online provides both the theory content and assessments online as well as the practical assessment tools to enable the practical to be completed by your own supervisor/assessor.

  3. Act-Online caters for inductions on MHE as well as forklift refresher with more training being produced over time.