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Initial Setup Fee:


Covers the cost of:

  • Creation of company profile

  • Importing of all trainee's details into ACT//ONLINE

  • Conversion of company MHE policies and procedures into modules of 'Online Training'

  • Liaison and discussion to gain understanding of company structure and reporting preferences

  • Account and invoice arrangements

  • Training and assistance for company administrator




Annual Site Administration Fee:


Covers the cost of:

  • Providing service and back up to each site after initial setup

  • Assisting the site trainer on hot to use the tools/documents to deliver and record the practical elements of training on-site

  • How to maximise the improvements and awareness generated by ACT//ONLINE

  • How to access records and get reports on trainees

  • Update any changes to the site policies and procedures




Annual Fee Per Trainee:


Covers the cost of:

  • Provision of access to LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Access to training modules assigned to them by the employer and administrator

  • Records kept of all training assigned, attempted, results, scores and completions

  • Unlimited access to all assigned training modules. The previous score cannot be altered, but the training modules can be reviewed at no additional cost







Initial Setup Fee:


$3,000 to $10,000 - Depending on structure and complexity







Annual Site Administration Fee:


Franchise type multisite:

  • $100 per site (up to 9 staff per site)


Single site operation:

  • Up to 9 staff        -    $100

  • 10 to 29 staff       -    $300

  • 30 to 69 staff       -    $500

  • 70 to 119 staff     -    $900

  • 120 to 199 staff   -    $1200

  • 200 to 299 staff   -    $1500

  • 300 to 499 staff   -    $1800


Multiple locations for other business will charged at above single site fess, multiplied by number of sites.






Annual Fee Per Trainee:


$60 per year for access to all assigned training modules



PLEASE NOTE:  All above listed prices are plus GST